Jami Uretsky guest appearance at The Gouche Live show

Jami Uretsky concussed gouche

Kerry Goulet talks with Jami Uretsky about her experience as parent with a concussed child. Her daughter, Madeline sustaining a life-altering concussion in October, 2011, while playing soccer. She was out of school for almost a year, and had significant issues both physically and cognitively. Her journey is how Jami became Concussion Mom; she wanted to pay it forward to those who were struggling with this as she had. Fast forward almost 10 years, and Madeline is working as a Research Coordinator at the BU CTE Center and she is still Concussion Mom. In addition, Jami recently started doing some outreach work for Delta S Performance, a team of functional neurologists with offices in New England, and Colorado. They are some of the doctors who helped Madeline during her recovery.

In addition, she has been hosting the podcast, Concussion Matters, to bring on people to provide information about various therapies, experiences, and anything that might help those with concussions and their caregivers.

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