Functional Nutrition

Fuel your brain and body.

In our practice, Functional Medicine and nutrition address the underlying metabolic causes of disease.

Medicine has become a reactionary field, rather than recommending and promoting action steps to improve our health. Nutrition is the study of food and how it works in your body. However, in a clinical setting nutrition often falls into the “one size fits all” model. 

Functional Medicine offers a holistic approach for getting to the root cause of ailments, and the prevention of disease. It focuses on the patient using both individualized dietary plans and lifestyle coaching to optimize your health. 

Our approach as functional medicine practitioners are to look at how well the body is being fueled, and determine which metabolic issues may hinder those systems.

Get to the root cause of chronic issues.

It starts with filling out detailed questionnaires to find clues to the puzzle. If appropriate, we will use laboratory testing to find objective evidence of the dysfunctional systems in your body, and make a comprehensive evidence-based plan.

Functional medicine programs look like a combination of lifestyle, dietary, and nutritional recommendations organized and tailored to help you achieve success. Our programs specialize in meeting you where you are, offering multiple levels of interaction, involvement, and guidance to predict and navigate your way around common difficulties.

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