Podcast Interview: Dr. Lovich with Living With Lyme

Join us for an exciting and challenging discussion with Dr. Michael Lovich and nurse practitioner Cindy Kennedy on the basis of Functional Neurology. Having a background in sports medicine, Dr. Lovich learned that the care of the brain and rehabilitation after insult or injury was often overlooked. This lead to an integration of healing both with chiropractic care and in-depth neurological care with functional neurology. He specializes in integrating the physical aspects of sports medicine and chiropractic care with the neurological and physiological systems.

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What is Functional Neurology?

How did you come into this type of care?

Where does this fit into healthcare?

What is the testing for functional neurology?

What type of issues does functional neurology address?

Explain the healing approach.

What are the long-term benefits?

Who can benefit from your approach?

Do you educate the sports community on head injury prevention?

What are the at home exercises that go along with the approach?

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