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Vestibular First VOG

Available at: Clinic Technology and Offerings In film, the eyes are used to demonstrate emotion to the audience. They often do a close-up on the eyes to show what the character is feeling, and this is a technique that is deeply based on science.  Your eyes are a gateway to brain function, and we can …

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Neurological Exam

Available at: Clinic Technology and Offerings Neurology is the study of the nervous system and all of the systems that work synergistically with it. We go beyond traditional. Our neurological exam is the hallmark of our patient intake. Some patients have described the deep level of detail and how we examine the functionality of all …

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Senaptec Sensory Station

Available at: Braintree / South Shore Use Cases: Senaptec Sensory Station Clinic Technology and Offerings Senaptec Sensory Station is leading-edge technology that allows us to precisely assess your visual, sensory, and motor coordination and integration, and through these, to measure how efficient are the functions and interactions of your brain’s interconnected structures, pathways, and networks. …

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