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Senaptec Sensory Station

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Senaptec Sensory Station is leading-edge technology that allows us to precisely assess your visual, sensory, and motor coordination and integration, and through these, to measure how efficient are the functions and interactions of your brain’s interconnected structures, pathways, and networks.

We utilize it, not only to help us assess your brain’s functions to an extremely fine level of precision, but also to help us train your brain and body to operate and coordinate at higher levels.

This powerful and supremely versatile tool for neuro-visual-sensory-motor assessment and training may be utilized in a surprising variety of situations and applications, including but not limited to helping children with NeuroDevelopmental Disorders – learning challenges, diagnoses such as ADHD/ADD and ASD/Autism Spectrum Disorder, TBI/Concussion rehabilitation, and all the way up to elite athletic performance training.

Senaptec Sensory Station’s assessment and rehabilitation/training capabilities include visual contrast sensitivity, depth perception, eye-hand coordination, response inhibition, dynamic vision, go – no go, spatial memory, spatial sequencing, near-far shift, multiple object tracking, visual search, tempo, split attention, and visual-motor integration.

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