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Fit by KP

Online Fitness Coach
San Diego, California
Katelyn Pennell

Katelyn takes a brain-based approach to functional training. She utilizes principles in functional strength training and combines those with principles in functional neurology to create an individualized exercise program. This approach is especially helpful for patients who no longer need services from their functional neurologist but still need guidance in their healing journey.

When you work with Katelyn, you meet with her once per week via zoom where she goes over your personal fitness routine. She does live coaching, cueing, and exercise demonstration during this call. Katelyn also determines if any fatigue points are present so she can scale the workout and answer any questions during this time. Then, on your own, you repeat that same workout for the week until you meet with her again. Once you meet again, Katelyn makes any adjustments, progressions, or regressions to your program that she deems necessary based on your progress from the week. Each week, you will continue to work on improving your strength, balance, coordination, and brain health. You have unlimited access to Katelyn as a resource throughout the week and you can ask her questions, send her form videos for feedback, or bring up any concerns you have.

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