The Neurochemistry Behind Post-Concussion Syndrome with Dr. Lovich

If you’re living with post-concussion syndrome and wondering about what’s actually going on in your brain that is making you experience the world differently than you did before your concussion, this episode is for you! Today’s guest is Dr. Michael Lovich, a concussion survivor who has dedicated his career to improving the lives of those struggling with post-concussion syndrome. Michael has tested out numerous different types of therapies, and has built up a wealth of evidence-based knowledge around the most effective treatment strategies. We discuss everything from the importance of nutrition when dealing with post-concussion syndrome to the physical and emotional manifestations in your body of overfiring neurons in your brain. As Michael notes, learning to manage the after-effects of a concussion can be a very lengthy process, but if you are equipped with the right kind of information, you can learn to live the way you want to once again!

Thank you Bella Paige and the Post Concussion Podcast for hosting Dr. Lovich!

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